4 Victoria St

St. Anne, Alderney

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Blue Cat Coffee

Bespoke Coffee Blends

Roasted in Alderney, they develop bespoke coffee a single origin and a custom blend.

What is Coffee ?

Although coffee is referred to as a bean, it is actually the seed of the fruit known as a cherry from the coffee tree. They were termed ‘beans’, as they resemble the appearance of actual beans.

Why Coffee Roasting ?

It’s a science, it’s a black art call it what you will…..”it’s magic”.
Why Does Your Coffee Taste and Smell Delicious?
The major difference between coffee roasts comes from the chemical reactions that occur in the coffee beans at certain temperatures. As a result of these chemical reactions, aromatics, acids and other

Why Blue Cat Coffee?

Based on the beautiful Channel Island of Alderney, we develop bespoke coffee both single origin and custom blend.